Monday, August 27, 2007


How many times do we think about God’s faithfulness to us? I know as I go about the busyness of my day it is not a thought that is uppermost on my mind. But when we take time to reflect on all the ways God’s love and care is there for us, at every moment of every day, we are brought to our knees in gratitude and thanksgiving.

This past weekend in our community there was one of those moments! Our Sister Barbara, surrounded by her natural family and her religious family, celebrated God’s faithfulness to her during her whole life but especially during 50 years of religious life! A golden Jubilee! We had a great celebration and Sister Barbara, who looks like she has 50 more years as a Sister ahead of her, was filled with great happiness and joy!

The Mass of Religious Profession was celebrated in our lovely chapel and during the Mass our jubilarian renewed her vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. (Photo above) The Liturgy was followed by a delicious dinner and opportunities to honor Sister Barbara through word and gift.

We live at a time in history when commitment and fidelity are not in vogue. Fear of giving our lives to another, lack of confidence in God – our generation is suffering from this inability to trust.

On Saturday we celebrated God’s commitment and fidelity to Sister Barbara and her commitment and fidelity to Him – 50 years of trusting in God, in the good times and in difficult times. It was a moment for gratitude and thanksgiving, a day set apart for celebration! Sister Barbara is a reminder for all of us that God is faithful and His grace is always there.

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Christine M said...

Congratulations to Sister Barbara!