Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hot dogs and hard work!

On Saturday a wonderful group of fathers and young sons visited Marymount to do some cleanup around our pond. They pulled weeds, raked dried grass, chain-sawed the overgrown brush around the fence. The idea was to have the sons work with their fathers providing them with time together and a chance to learn. It was also an opportunity to serve – specifically to serve the Sisters.

The Sisters on the other hand served too – hotdogs, soda, cookies and juice, and lots of “thank-yous” and encouragement to the hard-working team. The boys had a great time running – around the pond, in and around the property. The sun was shining so they got rid of a lot of pent-up energy and soaked in a lot of Vitamin A!

At the end of their time here they gathered in our chapel for prayer (they left their muddy shoes outside) and to hear a brief message from one of the dads who had served as a volunteer in New York for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit. His theme of course was service; he had looked forward all week to seeing the Holy Father at Yankee Stadium where he expected to serve, only to be told that because of some security regulations he had to take up a post of service five miles from Yankee Stadium. He was sorely disappointed but he went there and served. It was what God had in mind for him and he knew that he would be blessed for his surrender to the Lord’s plans. He used himself as an example for the boys – that service is not always what WE want to do but what is needed by others.

God bless you guys! Thank you for serving us so well on Saturday. More than your service, you have touched our hearts!

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