Thursday, April 10, 2008

On the road again!

I had surgery on March 26 so I had to put off blogging until I had the energy to think! All is well and my head is starting to clear so I thought I had better let you know that I did not ascend into Heaven with the Lord! I am still here with my feet firmly planted on the earth!.

That gives rise to a little thought that I wanted to share with you. I had surgery because the doctors could not be sure that what showed up on a CT scan was not cancer. Because of a history of cancer in my family we had to go in and have a look! Thank God the spot was benign and I am doing well! No cancer – just a nasty infection!

Several years ago I would have been a basket case as I approached the uncertainty of such an operation. But this time around I was not! I was peaceful and unafraid – and absolutely amazed that I was even joyful as I drove to the hospital. How could this be? Well, I know without a doubt that it was the overwhelming, gratuitous love and grace of the Lord. There is no other explanation!

As I prayed and reflected on this I was reminded of a concept that Boston College professor and philosopher Peter Kreeft once shared in one of this books: Life on this earth is like staying in a motel. It is where we stop on our way home! Perhaps I have reached the point in my life where I know where I am headed and this motel I am staying in, while very nice, is only a temporary living situation. I like staying in motels – I even like traveling. The road I am on is sometimes smooth, often bumpy; the weather is often sunny but sometimes dark and foreboding. But I know the way to go - the route I must take, and if I stay on it I will eventually make it home.

My trip to the hospital was a detour for road repairs! But I am back on the fast lane again (well not quite yet!) and off we go! God is so good and I am so grateful to Him for my gift of life! Let’s not ever take it for granted!


Anonymous said...

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the mother of this lot said...

So glad you're okay, Sister. I've been worried about you! Hope you are feeling much better and are well on the mend.