Friday, June 20, 2008

Let's go on a treasure hunt!

Sister Ellen has a treasure box in her classroom and for some special achievement or just to celebrate the children get to "go to the treasure box." They cheer when it is their turn to dig into the box! Do you have a treasure box?

In St. Matthew's Gospel today Jesus tells us that where our treasure is - that's where our heart will be. Often we think of this Gospel in terms of money. But we all have various kinds of treasures. And many times it has captured our heart - and not always in a good way. (Matt 6:19-23)

Some of us can be heavily invested in shopping, in cruising the internet, in talking for hours on the phone, in spending hours plugged into our ipods. The chief financial officers of large corporations spend hours managing their company's treasures - their investments. What are we invested in?

Our relationship with the Lord is the only treasure we can take with us when we die. Is our heart in that treasure? Are we invested heavily in our relationship with God? Is He our only treasure? "Do not lay up for yourselves an earthly treasure," Jesus tells us. Today is a good day to check our investments. Let's hope they are paying heavenly dividends!

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