Monday, September 8, 2008

Our spiritual family has a mother!

Through our various apostolates our Sisters know a number of people whose mothers have died recently. Some of our Sisters have lost their mothers not too long ago. It is a very painful loss for all of us. My own mother died some years ago of cancer and even today I think of her often especially when something important has happened. For just a split second it occurs to me: "I should call mom and tell her."

God created us in such a way that we come to life in our mother's wombs. When I was younger I would sometimes look at my mother and consider that at one time I had been inside of her! Such thoughts would blow me away! So is it any wonder that losing her would be so heart-wrenching?

Jesus knows how important our mothers are. That is why at the moment He redeemed us - at that very moment on the cross - He gave His very own mother to each one of us! This summer our Retreat Master asked us to consider where Mary fits into our lives. Devotion to Mary is instinctive, he said. Mary is more than a doctrine; she is a person, she is our mother. We recognize that fact in our heart but often we are not in touch with it. She carries each one of us within her heart because Jesus asked her to. That maternal heart is a heart full of pure love! And we can call her anytime. She will always be there to listen.

Today is the Nativity of Mary - her birthday! Perhaps we can do something special today to honor her - she who is our mother. Happy birthday, dearest Mother. Please ask Jesus to bless our earthly mothers and if they have gone before us, to give them eternal rest.

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