Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One of our spiritual heroines

I thought of the Gospel story of "Martha and Mary" when I considered the saint the Church puts before us today. The great and wonderful St. Teresa of Jesus - St. Teresa of Avila - in her Religious Life as a Camelite - was busy, like, St. Martha, about many things, reforming her Order, establishing many, many convents of her Sisters throughout Spain, conferring with St. John of the Cross who suffered greatly in reforming the Camelite Order of men.

But like Mary, she chose the better part, and surrendered herself completely into the arms of her Master, Jesus Christ. She is one of the Church's greatest mystics and her writings give us deep revelations of God and His great love.

So, women of today, we can be busy about many things while at the same time grow in the holiness that God calls each one of us to. We do not have to choose between Martha and Mary!

St. Teresa was beautiful, intelligent, witty, realistic, consumed with love for her Beloved Spouse. She is a great model for women today. Let us get to know her, through her writings, especially through her Autobiography. Click on for a brief biography of this Doctor of the Church!

Here is a glimpse of her soul: "Save us, O Lord Jesus...we come to you like people who have followed you, but who have also betrayed you, for we have so often been the unfaithful faithful; we come to acknowledge the mysterious relationship between our sins and your passion; our deeds and your deeds; we come beating our breasts, asking your forgiveness, calling upon your mercy; we come because we know that you can, and want, to forgive us; because you atoned for us, you are our redemption. You are our hope!

Lord Jesus, our Redeemer and Teacher, give us the strength to forgive others, so that we also may be forgiven by you...pour into our hearts the capacity of loving, so that,following your example and with your grace, we may love you and all our brothers in the way you desire."

St. Teresa of Jesus, pray for us!

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