Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is a postscript to my previous post about spiritual reading.

I just finished reading a wonderful book entitled "The Luminous Mysteries: Biblical Reflections on the Life of Christ" By Tim Gray and published by Emmaus Road. http://www.emmausroad.org/.

Also, the writings and teachings of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, are being published and to my mind and the mind of our Sisters, his writings are pure gold. Go to Ignatius Press - http://www.ignatius.com/index.aspx - to check out their listings. One of my favorites is "God is Near Us: the Eucharist, the Heart of Life." Also, his wonderful book, "Jesus of Nazareth" is now in paperback.

Books by Boston College Professor Peter Kreeft are also among our favorites.

Don’t forget to put books on your Christmas wish list! Once you read them you can share them unless, like me, you highlight and underline!

May you have a blessed and exciting reading adventure in the weeks ahead!

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