Saturday, August 8, 2009

The road ahead

My cousin would probably call it just another bump in the road. My latest bump was a five-day stay in the hospital for what turned out to be a pretty severe onslaught of Lyme Disease. I am home now, on antibiotics and feeling much better, just in time to begin our annual community retreat.

I have kept beside my bed recently a quote from Father Jean-Pierre deCaussade, SJ, taken from his spiritual classic, “Abandonment to Divine Providence.” (See

Everything in life is to be welcomed as the expression of the will of God, so we must accept what we very often cannot avoid, and endure with love and resignation things which could cause us weariness or disgust. This is what being holy means.”

God had a reason for my stay in the hospital. While there I was able to speak to various members of the hospital staff about the Lord. One woman who hasn’t been to Church since she was a child, asked me “How do you pray?” And I was able to share with her the reality of God’s love.

So now I am getting ready to listen for God’s voice as He speaks to the Sisters – to me – during our special time with Him. Pray for us that we may be open to all the graces He has for us. (Have you ever been on a spiritual retreat?)

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Sister Julie said...

Hi Judith, Hope you can promo our Vocations/Podcast event! (sorry for leaving this in comments but didn't have your email)

You are invited to join us tomorrow for a LIVE podcast at A Nun's Life Ministry on vocations and religious life. Details can be found at -- A Nun's Life blog.