Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The season is upon us

It’s the day before the Day – the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Today is an important day because it is imperative that we prepare for the Lenten Season rather than just hit the deck running after it occurs to us that THIS IS LENT!

Lent is serious; as Catholics we should not take this time lightly because the Church and her Lord have given us this time to grow in our relationship with Him. Are we the same person today as we were last Ash Wednesday? Are we better? Are we worse? God loves us so much that He wants us to make progress in our spiritual life as we journey toward Him. This time will never come again and for some of us it might be our last Lent. I am thinking here of the young Georgian who lost his life on the luge at Vancouver last week.

In our panic we might say “What should I do this Lent?. Well, there is always the old “give up chocolate” response. But that is old hat! Lent is much more than chocolate or dieting or ice cream. Here is an article by Father Tom Euteneuer that will put the 40-day retreat into perspective. http://www.hli.org/index.php/component/acajoom/?act=mailing&task=view&listid=2&mailingid=695 I really encourage you to read it!

The art work on this post gives the four legs of the Lenten season – prepare, fast, give alms and pray. If you are looking for a place for your alms the Church has many needs. But here is a link to one that might touch your heart. The priest is from one of our Sisters’ home parishes and he is an amazing man of God who is caring for over 800 orphans in Haiti. http://www.pwojeespwa.blogspot.com/ Father posts an update on his blog every day and is very accountable to all of his benefactors.

God bless you. Let us pray for one another during the Lenten Season. This blessed time is a wonderful gift from the Lord. He longs to lead us into the desert to speak to our hearts so let’s accept His gift and His grace and live our Lent in great joy!


solid light - d ultimate catholic said...

People are so strange. They fast only on days of abstinance. Would that people would make up their own days of abstinance to go with the official ones and always exceed the asked for sacrifice!

Joe Cramer said...

Very nice, informative and hopeful site. With Lent approaching I try to pass the good news of hope as best I can. You are invited to please take a look. Thank you..........Joe


solid light - d ultimate catholic said...

Good luck Catholic sisters in Christ with your lenten sacrifices!
\o/ ¬0

everyone who gets the ash is allying themselves to Christ on cavalry! you dont want to end up being a hypocrit if you break your sacrifice for lent! Ashes are very important!