Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Discovering love!

As part of the way of life of our community each Sister is committed to the daily practice of spiritual reading. This is not a burden! There are so many wonderful books on the spiritual life, on the lives of the saints, on the teachings of the Church that the list is endless. Spiritual reading feeds our souls and when we fail to read we get dry and listless in our relationship with the Lord.

I found this gem in a book entitled “The Mystery of the Incarnation” by the late English Cardinal Basil Hume. The book is published by Paraclete Press in Brewster, MA.

“I once had a letter from a lady who wrote this: A man who later became a prominent Christian said how his idea of God was revolutionized when as a little boy he was taken to visit an old lday. The old lady pointed out to him a text on her wall: ‘Thou, God, seest me.’ She said to him: ‘You see those words? They do not mean that God is always watching you to see what you are doing wrong. They mean that he loves you so much that he cannot take his eyes off you.”

We can never hear too many times how much we are loved! That’s what spiritual reading does for us. If you have a local Catholic book store close by pay them a visit. Books by Pope Benedict XVI are among my favorites. Or you can check out the web sites of Catholic publishers such as Pauline Books and Media http://www.pauline.org/ or Ignatius Press http://www.ignatius.com/index.aspx or
Servant Books http://www.servantbooks.org/ and many others.

Why not turn off the TV and the Internet and spend some time reading this Lent. You won't regret it!

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