Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dive in!

Is there some obstacle in your life that is preventing you from "jumping in" and going forward in your relationship with God? Is it fear? Uncertainty? Lack of confidence? Today's Gospel is a story about jumping in.

Still confused and uncertain about the Lord's Resurrection, St. Peter and some of the other apostles return momentarily to their old way of life and decide to go fishing. They fish all night and catch nothing but toward morning a stranger on the shore encourages them to cast their nets again and in no time their nets were overflowing. St. John recognized the "stranger" - it is the Lord, he said. Peter responded and in spite of the fact that he was lightly clad he jumped over the side and swam to shore. (John 21 and 22)

Our deacon gave the homily at Mass today and he suggested that what motivated Peter to jump into the water so quickly was Love! And he challenged us to follow Peter and to "jump in" in those areas of our life that are holding us back, holding us back from loving God and our families and life! As Peter swam to shore Jesus was waiting for him - waiting to serve him breakfast.

If our faith is faltering let us throw off anything that is holding us back and "put out into the deep". Hurry toward Jesus who is there waiting to serve us, with His grace, His guidance and especially with the nourishment of His Eucharistic Presence.

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