Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father, forgive them

“I forgive. I forgive” Those were the words of Mrs. Marianna Popieluszko the day after her son, Father Jerzey Popieluszko, was martyred 25 years ago in Poland for his strong support of the Polish Solidarity Movement and his quiet but firm belief in freedom for the Polish People - freedom from the Communist tyranny that held Poland in its grip.

Father Jerzey was beatified on Sunday, June 6, his beatification the final step before he is elevated to the altar as a Saint in the Catholic Church.

The murder of her son “for me is like a stone for my whole life,” said Mrs. Popieluszko, in an interview prior to the beatification ceremony. “It is a great pain. This wound is opening over and over, for who can forget such a thing. But I do not judge no one, and I do not demand no one’s death. God Himself will judge them one day. And the murderers will have to bear their penance. But I ask Jesus to forgive them. I would be the most happy if they would come to God.

There is a beautiful account of Mrs. Popieluszko’s deep faith in the following link:

I heartily encourage you to read through this beautiful reflection. She is a wonderful model and example of forgiveness. She has deeply touched my heart.

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