Sunday, December 5, 2010

A treasured prayer

During the early days of his pontificate, our late beloved Holy Father, Pope John Paul II said that the Rosary was his favorite prayer. According to Robert Feeney, author of the new book “The Rosary: the John Paul II Method” (Ignatius Press) from his youth the Rosary held an important place in John Paul’s spiritual life. It accompanied him “in the moments of difficulty and those of joy.” To the Rosary he entrusted any number of concerns and as he said, “in the Rosary I have always found comfort.”

It seems to me that saying the Rosary is one of the best ways to prepare for the coming of the Lord in news ways during this Advent Season. According to the JP II Method one should read the Gospel passages that pertain to each mystery and meditate on them before praying the vocal prayers. Using a picture of the mystery can help one to focus. Perhaps the Joyful Mysteries could be a springboard for our Advent reflections.

Mr. Feeney’s book might be a wonderful idea for your Christmas gift list! But in the meantime, pick up those treasured beads and as they slip through your fingers, think about Jesus and His mother and all that they did for us. As you pray the “Hail Mary” let that prayer be the background music for your fruitful meditation.

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