Saturday, April 9, 2011

A look at our fruitful life!

It's been two weeks since I posted anything on this blog! We are a small community and a number of events and happenings have been keeping all of us busy. A single women's retreat brought the Sisters and five women together for a time of "Retreating with the Saints". It was a great weekend here at our motherhouse as you can tell on the faces of the Sisters and retreatants below! ( I was taking the picture!). Sister Ellen and I attended a one-day homeschool conference in Pennsylvania and met some wonderful parents and their children. Could this little one below be a future vocation? She is taking a hard look at our community brochure!
Nearly 400 women attended our 11th annual Lenten Retreat Day for Women, drawn we think by the dynamic and holy Johnnette Benkovic of "Living Life Abundantly" and "Women of Grace". Here is Johnnette with some of the wonderful women who attended. Many said the day was a "life-changing" experience for them.

Our Sisters as well as members of the parish's "Women of Grace" group did the behind-the-scenes work for the day. What a blessing it was for all of us! Some mothers and daughters came together for the retreat. (see below)

All of our activities are part of our apostolate to spread the word about Jesus Who is our Hope and to give those we serve hope in a world that is struggling through a lot of darkness.

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