Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spiritual wrestling match

After our busy apostolate year, the Sisters are able to visit family members and I just returned from a wonderful visit with my sisters (my parents are deceased). I was able to attend a concert with them as well as an art show, catch up on news, and deepen our relationships. Our family members become the family members of our sisters who pray for them every day.

But now I am back in the swing of things here at home. This morning while meditating on Scripture (Lectio Divina) I was focused on the first reading from Reading from Gn 32:23-33. It is the very strange story of Jacob wrestling with an unknown person during the night. Jacob prevailed in the wrestling match but before he would let the man go the mysterious visitor wounded Jacob's sciatica muscle in his hip causing Jacob to limp away! Jacob realized he had been wrestling with God.

Pope Benedict is presenting a weekly catechesis on prayer and several weeks ago his teaching was on this Old Testamen reading. (click on http://www.zenit.org/article-32676?l=english

It is an excellent explanation of this scripture lesson! I really encourage you to print it out and study it. Over the years I too have wrestled with God - when I wanted my own way since I was SURE it was the best way. But with God's grace He finally wore me down and I was able to win - by accepting God's will. However, during my struggle I was indeed wounded - in my emotions, in my pride! But after the battle, again through God's grace, I was converted and became a different person. After Jacob's battle he was renewed and received a new name - Israel. This Scripture story is well worth reading and understanding. What and who are you wrestling with today?

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