Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting the news right!

Hi everyone: 

No, I have not given up blogging.  Time is racing along and I am slowing down!  Perhaps I have been uninspired.  So many people are blogging these days that I wonder what, if anything, I can add to the scene.  But I am reluctant to delete it all so here is my latest contribution. So much is happening in the news these days and I am realizing that so many Catholics do not know how to get the Catholic slant on the news.  Not knowing what the Church teaches is very dangerous so I decided to compile a list of sites that comment on the news and/or bring you news that is enlightening, encouraging, and faith-building. 

An elderly woman in Church this week handed us a newspaper clipping about the Vatican's report on the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).  She was very disturbed because she thought that the Vatican was coming down hard on Religious Sisters in general.   She had never heard of the LCWR.  Perhaps you never have either.  Read about it here:   http://www.ncregister.com/site/print_article/33179/

So I thought I would post the following links in the event you want to check out some of the news from a Catholic perspective.  You might already be familiar with some of them.

I realize one can spend hours on the internet reading and clicking on links.  That is not my intent.  Pick one at a time and check it out.  See which one is best for you!  Happy and fruitful reading! And pray for the Church and for ourselves.  Catholics and other Christians are experiencing persecution from various liberal groups, from the media.  It is a time for prayer and for courage! 

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