Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas carol comes alive!

Today we celebrate another high point in the Christmas Season - the feast of the Epiphany.  We remember the story of the three Kings - the Magi - men of learning who studied the stars and heavenly constellations.  When the star of Bethlehem rose in the sky they knew it meant a momentous event - the birth of a King.  In some way they came together from their individual homelands and traveled to Judea, looking for this newborn king.  The star led them until it seemed to stand still over the dwelling place of Mary, Joseph and their newborn Son. 

Some random thoughts about this miracle:  The magi represent the Gentile nations.  God revealed Himself through His Son to all the peoples of the world and not just to the Jewish people.  While the Jews were the chosen people from whom the Messiah would come, He was intended to be the Savior of all peoples.  That includes us!  He has been revealed to us.  We see Him in the Eucharist; we hear His voice in the Scriptures. 

The Magi traveled a great distance to find Jesus.  Their faith drove them on.  Do we go to great pains, do we move out from our comfortable situations to find Jesus?  Are we willing to span the distances that separate us from Him in order to find Him?  Are we able to adore Him?  Bend our knee to Him?

Father Peter John Cameron, OP, suggests that today we have our own Star of Bethlehem - it is the sanctuary lamp that burns in our Churches to let us know where our King resides - in the tabernacle.  Do we find our way there very often? 

Like the Magi who brought the newborn King splendid gifts, do we have any gift for him today?  Do we have the courage to give Him the greatest gift of all - our lives - our very selves? 

We can enjoy singing "We Three Kings of Orient Are" but do we  realize what this feast day means for us as Catholic Christians?  The Magi went before us to Bethlehem and have fashioned a path for us to follow.  You know what?!  We can sing that carol with new understanding as we respond to their example!  Happy Feast of the Epiphany! 

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