Sunday, June 9, 2013

Life's precious moments

This past week has been one of celebration and sadness.  On Thursday, June 6, we celebrated the anniversary of our Foundation Day with a gathering of all of our Sisters for prayer and a festive meal. 

On Friday, June 7, we observed the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is one of our community feast days.  Our logo is the Victorious Lamb of God, alive and standing, His blood poured out from His Sacred Heart.  (see our logo).  "Love Poured Out" is the theme of our logo and our life. 

On Wednesday, June 5, we attended the wake and funeral of a young man whom our Sisters had taught in pre-school, kindergarten and the primary grades.  He was only 17.  Many of his former classmates, many of whom we also taught, were there and it was a grief-filled reunion but one filled with hope and joy.  Our Sisters are so proud of these young men and women who came to know Jesus in their early school days and who still follow Him.  We also were able to greet and hug some of their moms and dads.  Pray for Jamie and his family.  May this dear boy rest in peace. 

Life is filled with many such experiences and the only way to live them is to live them with the Lord.

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