Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't keep the Faith - share it!

As many of you probably know, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has released his first encyclical on the gift of faith entitled, “Lumen Fidei”the Light of Faith.  Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI penned the document before he stepped down as Pope but at that time the encyclical was unfinished.  Pope Francis completed the encyclical and it is now released during this very important Year of Faith. 

Emeritus Pope Benedict had already written two encyclicals – one on Charity, “Deus Caritas Est” and one on Hope – “Spe Salvi”.  This third encyclical completes teachings and reflections on the three Theological Virtues.  Each of our Sisters has her own copy and we have begun to study it.  From all accounts it appears to be very moving!  I really encourage all of you to learn more about the document, and if you are led to do so, print it out and during the next few weeks study it too. 

Here are two links that will whet your appetite for reading.  The first paragraph of the article by Edward Pentin will give you a link to the encyclical itself:
"Lumen Fidei" comes at a time in history when the loss of faith in God is increasing rapidly and the fruits of that loss can be seen in every aspect of human life.  Please pass along information about the encyclical.  Yesterday Pope Francis said everyone of us is called to be a missionary and an evangelist.  If you do not know how to be a missionary or an evangelist, here is your first opportunity.  Spread the Word!


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