Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let all creation bend the knee!

Today is the solemn feast of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.  He is not just the king of the world but of the whole universe - of the sun and moon, the planets, the galaxies, the earth and all that it contains, those of us He has created.  There is no greater world leader than Christ the King, none!

Here are two links that might provide you with some thoughts for reflection.  This first is an audio meditation by Father Robert Barron from his web site, "Word on Fire." Father Barron is the author of many DVD series' including the magnificent  "Catholicism" series.  Please listen:

From Deacon Keith Fournier:

Here is another link from The Catholic Register which provides reflections on the readings for today.

Father Barron, Deacon Keith and the Register can offer thoughts that go far beyond my own.  These reflections could provide ample material for your prayer time this week.

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