Monday, May 5, 2014

A new set of eyes

Can you believe it is the third week of Easter!  And the first week of May!  It doesn't feel like that according to the weather which is sunny but very cool. Our Sisters are dying to get outside and plant but the ground is very wet from all the rain we have had here.  We did plant lettuce in what we call "porch pots". We have so many deer and rabbits that if we put the lettuce in the ground it would be gone in a day.  This way we have salads for weeks!   

On another note, I want to share some thoughts from yesterday, Sunday. As you know each summer we have our annual retreat.  This past year it was during the Year of Faith and our retreat master gave us lengthy conferences on faith and gave us copies of his talks as well. What a blessing!  Each Sunday we take time to privately pray through those notes again. Coincidentally the conference we read yesterday referred to the Gospel of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.  It was the Gospel for that Sunday.  It is an account that centers on the Eucharist. Father pointed out that the disciples were disconsolate upon leaving Jerusalem on the way to Emmaus. Then they met Jesus and over time, as he spoke with them,their hearts were warmed and they begin to sense his presence as he broke the bread and gave it to them to eat.   "Their eyes were opened.  That is what faith facilitates," Father said.   No matter when it is, in any year, we too should beg Jesus for a new set of eyes with which to see what really occurs at Mass - who is really hiding behind the appearances of bread and wine.  We can ask ask Jesus to deepen our faith.  

Recalling the vision of the prophet Isaiah who saw the Cherubim and Seraphim around God's throne, with our new set of eyes we can see all the angels and saints praying the Mass with us. 

At the Consecration of the Mass, with our new eyes we can see Jesus in the Upper Room saying the words of consecration over the bread and wine. Or see him on the Cross giving us his body and blood.  We can hear his voice speaking to us through the Gospel or picture him in the scene.   We can experience  Jesus himself at the end of Mass sending us out just like he sent out his first apostles and disciples.  

Let us enter into the Mass with a deeper faith and with new eyes and not just attend Mass Sunday after Sunday in the same old way!  Jesus wants to make all things new - and that means us!  

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