Thursday, January 1, 2015

By God's grace

Do people still make New Year’s Resolutions? I must confess that over the years I was not into New Year’s Resolutions mainly because I could never keep them. But then I always tried to keep them by gritting my teeth and by trying to exercise my will. New Year’s resolutions have to begin first in the heart – they need to be based on a real desire to change; they should be according to God’s will, and kept only by the power of God’s grace! So there!

This year I have made a New Year’s Resolution – it is the desire of my heart to grow in my relationship with the Lord. I think this resolution is in keeping with God’s will and I believe He will give me the grace to keep it if I only ask and rely on that grace! But in making this one resolution I think other areas in my life that need to change will fall into place!
Today we celebrate the solemn feast of our Blessed Mother under her title, “Mary, Mother of God.” I have no doubt that it is the desire of her heart that I grow in my relationship with her Son. It is important, I know, to rely on her intercession and her help.

“Dear Blessed Mother, you who are the Mother of God, please pray for me that I may have the grace to grow in my relationship with Jesus. As I begin this New Year, take my hand and walk with me through the months ahead. "

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