Sunday, March 1, 2015

Come before the Lord

So much of the international news these days is just awful.  So many of our brothers and sisters, especially in the Middle East, are suffering terribly, many experiencing martyrdom because of their love of God.   One can scarcely take it all in!  

Thank God that He has given us Good News, the good news of the Gospel!  Today in the Gospel we experience Jesus being transfigured before His three apostles; we see the glory of His Divinity!  In today's Gospel we hear the very voice of the Father and the glorious manifestation of the Son of God and of the Father All of this gives us great hope!  

I struggle with how to cope with the bad news; how can I respond? What can I do?  I have decided that prayer is my role in all of this.  In fact I feel led by the Father to offer up my Lenten penances for my brothers and sisters, begging God to free them, to care for them, to prompt our country and countries around the world to go to their aid.

Perhaps you would be willing to join me.  I find the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy an appropriate prayer for this intention.   Together let us storm Heaven for our suffering brothers and sisters, knowing that our Divine Savior, our loving Father, will hear our prayers.  God bless you!  

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