Friday, December 4, 2015

Merciful Like the Father

Seeing the great need for mercy and healing in the world, Pope Francis called for the Year of Mercy—a special period, also known as a Holy Year or Jubilee Year, for the Catholic Church. It is a time for the Church across the world to take approximately a year to focus on forgiveness and healing in a special way.

 Pope Francis has asked us as individuals and as a Church “to be a witness of mercy” by reflecting on and practicing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Beginning Tuesday, December 8, 2015, the Holy Year of Mercy will focus on studying and reflecting on mercy, receiving mercy, and being merciful towards others.

How wonderful that the Year of Mercy begins at the start of the grace-filled season of Advent.  In preparation for the Year of Mercy our summer retreat this year was based on the theme of God's mercy.  Father took his reflections from our Holy Father's proclamation of the year:  See  (  

 Also the Sisters have begun a Scripture Study on the same theme.  I have put together some excerpts from my notes and I hope to share them here throughout the year.  If you are interested, you might check out a wonderful book to use during the year.  See:

MAGNIFICAT has a marvelous companion booklet for the year.  It contains one short daily reading for each day of the year. It also comes on Kindle.

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