Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let us begin

Today we begin the first full week of Lent. You know, it is so easy to come to this point in the year and not be ready.  We often just get into Lent with fits and starts.  I must confess that this year I am ready!  After seeking the Lord's will I know how I am going to fast and what acts of mercy the Lord wants me to perform during this season of grace.  However, I realize that I need the Lord's grace to follow through! And at mid-Lent He might want me to change course!  

 I have read some wonderful articles in preparation.  There are so many resources on the Internet that can help us live this Lenten Season well.  I would like to share two with you - perhaps you already know about them.   Check out

 You can sign up for brief  daily Lenten reflections that jump-start your day.  

As a Religious Sister I live in an environment and with other Sisters who support me in my spiritual life.  Daily Mass and Holy Hour are part of our day.  That is not true for everyone.  However, daily Mass or perhaps Mass on some days during the week are very possible.  So many parishes have Eucharistic Adoration and Friday Stations of the Cross.  There are parish retreats or days of reflection.  Traveling to work you can check your IPhone for other resources.  

I am asking the Lord to make this Lent MY best one ever.  What about you?  

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