Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Big Question

Today in the Gospel reading we hear the story of Jesus asking St. Peter three times if he loved him.  What an amazing story! As we know, on the night before Christ’s crucifixion, Peter denied the Lord three times, publicly and adamantly!  Today, if we thought about denying Jesus to others I think we would be horrified.  But we often close our mind to Him when we sin. Today we see how Jesus dealt with Peter’s sin of denial which stemmed from his paralyzing fear.  Never would he have wanted to deny Jesus but he did – because he was afraid.  We don’t ever want to deny Jesus either but we do – because we are afraid, or angry or just plain weak.  How did Jesus deal with Peter? Three times He asked Peter if he loved him.  Peter said a definitive yes – a firm, strong yes!  And Jesus forgave him and made him the leader of His Church.  Jesus asks us today as well – "do you love Me?"  "Do you love me?"  " Do you love me?" Let us confess our sin, tell Jesus we are sorry, and tell Him – "Yes, Jesus I love you!"  And let’s say that over and over again throughout the day.  It is amazing what love can do!  


Joe Coulter said...

Are you Judy Andrews? If so, we still have the furniture you gave us when we got married. (Joe and Colleen Head.)
Anyhow,I thought you might be interested in reading my fictional and utterly impractical plan to solve all of the world’s problems.
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Thanks, Joe

Vicki DePalma said...

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