Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Pause that Refreshes

Today it's back to school and back to the Fall schedule in our lives! It's hit the deck and we're off and running! So I thought it might be a good time to share something about our way of life as Sisters of Jesus Our Hope!

As Sisters we are consecrated and set apart for the Lord, and because Jesus is a real, live Person, and because He is our Spouse, it is important for us to nurture our relationship with Him. We do that each day through our daily prayer life which includes Mass and meditation before the Blessed Sacrament, usually on God’s word in Scripture. We also pray in common from the Church’s Liturgy of the Hours (the Divine Office).

However, I want to talk today about our monthly retreat Sunday which is very special! We set aside the whole day to be in the Lord’s Presence and to be in communion with Him; we maintain silence so we can be focused and hear the Lord speaking to our hearts. The day ends with the evening meal where we catch up and share what God has been saying or doing in our lives. It is a great way to build up one another’s faith.

As I was reflecting on the great gift that this day is for us, I realized that you too can have such a gift, perhaps not a whole day but maybe a morning set aside once a month for a little retreat time. I have friends, a married couple, who do just that. They provide for the care of their children; they attend early morning Mass on a Saturday and remain after Mass for private prayer. Over breakfast on the way home they share about what God is doing in their lives. What a spiritual shot in the arm! If your spouse is not open to this idea, or if you are alone, why not schedule a morning with a friend and do the same thing! I guarantee that you will be refreshed and renewed and the cares and burdens of life will be a little less heavy! Such a morning puts a brief halt to all that running! Let me know what you think!


Christine M said...

That is such a wonderful idea. All of us need some time to sit back and pray and reflect. I'm afraid I don't take the time for that nearly enough.

Anonymous said...

"we maintain silence so we can be focused and hear the Lord speaking to our hearts" This is my favorite line because this is how my husband and I have chosen to live.

The "tone" of our home is very monastic. There is no speaking to one another unless necessary.

For us it is difficult to go into the world with all of its chatter. So we are grateful for the time we get to be home with each other.