Sunday, January 6, 2008

We have seen His Star

When I was a little girl and went to Church with my wonderful grandmother, I learned reverence for the Lord’s Eucharistic presence in the tabernacle. There was always a sense of mystery and awe as we went into the Church, as we genuflected toward the altar, and as we spoke in a whisper, only if we had to.

I was reminded of that experience today as we celebrate the wonderful Solemnity of the Ephiphany. I find myself praying today for a deeper sense of wonder and awe before the Lord, not only in the Blessed Sacrament but also in my heart. I am praying for a deeper grace of adoration!

There is much to be said about Ephipany. The Magi were men who knew the science of astrology and who, some writers suggest, came from Arabia. While they were gentiles they were aware of the Jews’ expectation and longing for a Messiah. So when they saw the Star they concluded that a new King had been born and they set out to find him. Their journey across the desert was long and arduous and the Scriptures tell us that when they found Jesus “they were overjoyed.” Inspired by the Holy Spirit they fell down and adored him; God the Father had led them to the cradle of His Son!

The “star” that touches our heart is often the inspiration of the Holy Spirit prompting us to look more deeply for Jesus. Sometimes our search, through the travails and difficulties of our lives, is arduous. But unlike the Magi, we know where to find Him! The “star” of the sanctuary candle points out His dwelling place to us; we can find him in the tabernacle. And we can worship and adore Him as we receive Him in the Eucharist. Today let us bring Him the gift of ourselves and our very lives. It is the most wonderful gift we can give Him. He waits – with His arms wide open to receive! Comel let us adore Him!

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