Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another look at Love!

As we listen to the news and observe the situation in the world today we soon realize that many of our brothers and sisters are dying spiritually because they do not know they are loved. The real reason so many today are fearful, depressed, unhappy, anxious, addicted, even suicidal is because, bottom line, they do not know that Someone loves them.

The Church sets aside the month of June to proclaim in a loud voice that we are loved! Each one of us is loved more than we could ever understand or imagine! During the whole month of June we are urged to contemplate the heart of Jesus Christ which is the symbol of His personal, unfathomable love for each one of us!

During his Angelus talk in Rome at the beginning of the month our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI said: “From the infinite horizon of his love…God desired to enter into the limits of history and the human condition, he took on a body and a heart; thus we can contemplate and meet the infinite in the finite, the mystery of the invisible and ineffable human heart of Jesus, the Nazarene.”

The Holy Father continued: “Every person needs a “center” in his life, a source of truth and goodness to draw from in the flux of the different situations of everyday life and its toil. Everyone of us, when he pauses for a moment of silence, needs to feel not only the beating of his own heart, but more deeply, the beating of a trustworthy presence, perceptible to the senses of faith and yet more real: the presence of Christ, heart of the world.

Yes, Jesus is that Presence; he is Emmanuel, God with us. We often look at ourselves from the viewpoint of what society - the media - think of as “good” and “bad”. While God does not always "love" the things we do, God does not see each one of us as good or bad but as lovable. Why? Because he created us and He is love! Deep down in we need to be convinced that He loves us unconditionally. HE LOOOOOOOVES YOU!

If you doubt that you are loved, cut out the picture of the Sacred Heart above, put it on your mirror and every day look at it and remember that HE LOVES YOU! His heart is sacred. That is the truth!

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