Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Hope Connection!

Here is an article that I am thrilled to pass along. Perhaps you have already seen it. It is a wonderful story about the miracle of human life! And of course I was taken with this little angel's middle name! Please thank God for her gift of life, for the skill and care of the doctors, and for the faith of her mom and dad.

By Deacon Keith Fournier 6/6/2008
Catholic Online

I took my regular break for lunch today. Playing in the background while I was eating was an extraordinary report on MSNBC. Normally I would have not paid attention, preferring silence. However, the story of a beautiful baby girl named Macie Hope McCartney captured my eyes and my heart. Chad and Keri McCartney were on the screen, with the happy mother holding this picture perfect little baby girl. Dr. Darrell Cass joined them. He is a fetal surgeon practicing in an area of expertise which is growing in popularity and complexity. Increasingly, surgeons are able to perform important surgery on children in the womb before they are born. The quality of technology which opens the first home of the human race, the womb, to mothers, fathers and Doctors, has enabled this surgery to become more frequent. The McCartney’s were ecstatic in this interview. They communicated their joy right through the camera lens to me. The interviewer, Ann Curry of the Today Program, could barely stop smiling. They told their extraordinary story to the world and I now pass it on. When the Mother Keri McCartney had a sonogram at six months, her Doctor discovered that the baby in her womb had a tumor which, left untreated, would have killed the little girl before she was able to be born. The entire family, Mom, Dad and four siblings were there to see the child in this marvelous first picture. Quickly, the Doctor rushed the children out of the office and told the parents the frightening news. The baby had a massive tumor. Under the able leadership of Dr. Kass, surgeons at the Texas Children’s Hospital operated on the child while she was growing in her mother’s womb. They successfully removed the tumor and Macie was allowed to continue in her first home to full term. She was born a healthy and beautiful child. Her parents, devout Christians, openly acknowledged that they had prayer throughout this entire experience. They spoke of their little girl as having been “born twice”, referring to the first birth, when the little girl was partially removed in order for the surgeons to perform the lifesaving surgery and her final birth. It was at that “first birth”, Macies father told the interviewer, that they gave her the middle name of “Hope”. I was immediately struck with what should be obvious to all. Under the horrors of legal abortion, children like Macie are killed daily in America. Sadly, the very sonogram which helped to save Macies life is used by abortionists to guide them in their intentional killing. However, I was deeply encouraged by the story. Macie Hope gave me hope. As we continue to be able to assist our youngest neighbors in the womb so that we can welcome them into our National family, it becomes increasingly obvious what abortion really is. The humanity of the child in the womb is the strongest argument we have in our unstoppable efforts to secure the right to life for all children. I commend MSNBC for their fine coverage and encourage all who can to watch the story and tell everyone you can about Macie Hope McCartney.

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