Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer-time fun

Can you believe it is the middle of the summer! It's a time for camp and blueberries!
This morning some of us went blueberry picking at a farm nearby. The sky was blue, the air was cool and it was a great joy to be in the fields. God is good! On the way to the car we plucked a few peaches from the grove nearby but peaches are not quite ripe yet for the picking.
Earlier in the week I visited Sister Christine who was in charge of the summer camp at the parish where she serves as the Director of Religious Education. Theme of the camp was "Saints in the Making" as you might be able to see from the tee-shirts of some of the campers above. The campers learned about Blessed Kateri Tekawitha, the young Mohawk Indian maiden who lived in upstate New York; Saint Francis of Assisi, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and our Blessed Mother and her parents, Sts. Joachim and Anne. They played games, did arts and crafts, and ended the morning with Eucharistic Adoration! After a fun morning Jesus was waiting for his "little saints".
Speaking of summer, I am off next week to visit my family in Pennsylvania. May you have a blessed week. Take some time from your busy schedule to do something leisurely. When we soak in God's creation we honor and praise Him. Saints were men and women filled with joy and I am sure they took time to smell the roses!
God bless you!

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Barb, sfo said...

The camp sounds fabulous! I wish something like that was available for my kids, instead of the generic "Bible School."