Monday, September 7, 2009

In green pastures

It seems that when I make a resolution to keep up with this blog I have some kind of set back! I was just recovering from my bout with what probably was Lyme Disease when I overturned my ankle and tore some ligaments in my foot! Now I am walking with an air cast and a walker and hobbling around as best I can! One of the hardest things about all of this is that I am so dependent on others – on my Sisters. I have a hard time with being dependent! Which is probably why the Lord is allowing these things to happen to me!

Yesterday I received news that one of my best friends from school lost her battle with cancer and is now on her way to be with the Lord. I can rejoice at the thought of that but my heart has been almost heavier than my foot as I mourn her loss. Please pray for Patsy and the repose of her soul.

When I was doing my spiritual reading today I was receiving new insights into the vow of poverty – one of the vows I made when I made my perpetual profession some years ago. As I prayed about my reading I realized that the Lord was helping me to see that I was indeed living out my vow of poverty as I acknowledged my total dependence on God and on my Sisters. In that truth was my peace. Today on this labor day holiday I relaxed more and received with much gratitude my Sisters’ efforts to wait on me – carrying my food to the table, holding my chair, sliding the stool under my cast so I could elevate my injured foot. Thinking about Psalm 23, I considered that sometimes the Lord has to literally allow us to lie down in green pastures so he can get our attention - so that He can minister to us and allow us to experience His love. I am experiencing His love through my Sisters. How wonderful is that!

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