Saturday, October 17, 2009

100 Million Prayers needed

I received the following news item from a friend of ours who is handling some of the publicity for this wonderful event:

Washington, NJ: People of all faiths worldwide will join as one voice to pray for Life and Peace, October 18. Worldwide Fatima Sanctity of Life Day is organized by the World Apostolate of Fatima/Blue Army, USA to inspire one hundred million prayers for Life and Peace.

Catholics will pray the Rosary and non-Catholics will pray as they are accustomed on Worldwide Fatima Sanctity of Life Day. Prayer events will be held throughout the world and the Eternal Word Televiswion Network (EWTN) will broadcast live from America's main prayer center at the Blue Army Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Washington, NJ.

The Apostolate encourages everyone to participate by visiting the shrine, watching the event on TV, and registering prayers online at

Participants will pray for an end to war, abortion, terrorism, genocide, child slavery, assisted suicide and all other instances where death is chosen as a solution to world problems.

During the live broadcast from the Blue Army Shrine internationally acclaimed speakers, including EWTN personalities, Fr. Clement Machada, SOLT and Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR will explain why the message of Fatima is so important now. Christian Musician Tony Melendez and his band will provide music at the shrine where inspirational talks, Mass, a rosary walk and candlelight procession will nourish faithful attendees and those in 150 nations to watch EWTN.

To find out more about One World Prayng for Life and Peace visit And click on for information on EWTN's broadcasts.

There is so much to pray for and tomorrow, Sunday, is the Lord's Day. Let us observe the Day by offering our Sunday Mass for these intentions, and by praying the Rosary, perhaps as a family for Life and Peace. Don't forget to register your prayers onlne.

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