Thursday, November 19, 2009

Because His love is so deep

As Jesus drew near Jerusalem, he saw the city and wept over it, saying, “If this day you only knew what makes for peace–but now it is hidden from your eyes. For the days are coming upon you when your enemies will raise a palisade against you; they will encircle you and hem you in on all sides. They will smash you to the ground and your children within you, and they will not leave one stone upon another within you because you did not recognize the time of your visitation.” (Luke 19:41:44)

This morning as I was meditating on this Gospel for today I was led to focus on the phrase “he saw the city and wept over it…” I tried to get in touch with the human emotions that Jesus was experiencing that would cause him to weep over the people of Jerusalem. His heart must have been filled with great love but pain and sadness that made Him cry. I was led to ask Jesus, “What is it about my life that could cause you to weep?

Jesus could see into the future and what lay in store for the city because it's inhabitants were indifferent to His Presence. But He respected the free will of the Jews and therefore, He could not prevent what was going to happen to them. Jerusalem was destroyed by her enemies in 70 AD.

In our country today there are many situations that must make Jesus weep. But we are a nation of individuals and I must start with myself as I look at the question again. "Jesus, is there anything about my life that makes you weep? Am I indifferent to your Presence in my life each day? Am I too busy with my own affairs to take notice of you and to pay attention to you? Jesus, I want to recognize the time of your visitation. I don’t want to make you weep ~ I want my life to bring you great joy!

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