Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day for Rejoicing!

The Church celebrates the solemn feast of the Annunciation today. It was the moment when responding to Mary's "yes" Jesus took on our human nature and was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In the Office of Readings today St. Leo the Great writes about the Incarnation. "He took the nature of a servant without stain of sin, enlarging our humanity without diminishing his divinity. He emptied himself; though invisible he made himself visible, though Creator and Lord of all things he chose to be one of us mortal men. Yet this was the condescension of compassion, not the loss of omnipotence. So he who in the nature of God had created man, became in the nature of a servant, man himself. Thus the Son of God enters this lowly world. He comes down from the throne of heaven, yet does not separate himself from the Father’s glory. He is born in a new condition, by a new birth.

"He was born in a new condition, for, invisible in his own nature, he became visible in ours. Beyond our grasp, he chose to come within our grasp. Existing before time began, he began to exist at a moment in time. Lord of the universe, he hid his infinite glory and took the nature of a servant. Incapable of suffering as God, he did not refuse to be a man, capable of suffering. Immortal, he chose to be subject to the laws of death.
He who is true God is also true man. There is no falsehood in this unity as long as the lowliness of man and the pre-eminence of God coexist in mutual relationship."

The Intercessory Prayer from Morning Prayer is a wonderful prayer for us this day:

Today we celebrate the Annunciation and the start of God’s work of salvation. Let us pray to him in jubilation:
May the holy Mother of God intercede for us.
Just as the Virgin Mary received the happy news from the angel,
grant, Lord, that we may gratefully receive our Saviour.
– May the holy Mother of God intercede for us.
Just as you looked with compassion on the lowliness of your handmaiden, compassionate God, remember us all and take pity on us.
May the holy Mother of God intercede for us.
Just as the new Eve obeyed your divine Word, so we accept whatever your will for us may be.
May the holy Mother of God intercede for us.
May Holy Mary comfort those who are sad, help the faint-hearted, cheer those who weep, pray for the people and the clergy, and intercede for all consecrated women.
May the holy Mother of God intercede for us.
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NC Sue said...

Thank you, Sister, for this reflection. And thank you for including the quote from Saint Leo the Great. I hope you don't mind, but I included it in my post today. It illustrates perfectly the point I wanted to make.

I'm glad I ran into your site! I look forward to spending some time exploring it.

God bless you and your community during Holy Week and always.