Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Reason for Hope

Today our community is celebrating its feast day - The Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven - the feast of hope! Jesus has returned with His resurrected Body to His Father amid the sounds of trumpets and great rejoicing. Jesus Christ is Risen and Alive - He is our Hope!

Are you scratching your head and wondering why this feast is so important to our community? Well where Jesus has gone we are destined to go - if only we persevere and follow in His ways. He has gone to prepare a place for us - each one of us has his or her own place in the Presence of the Triune God. It is waiting there for us! Doesn't that give you hope?! And He has returned to Heaven with his glorified body - assuring us that we will see Him there and that at the end of time OUR glorified bodies will be in Heaven as well. The bumps and bruises and broken bones and diseases will be gone and our glorified, resurrected bodies will be with God forever. If only we persevere! That promise should give us great hope!

This morning our retired Bishop, the one who founded our community, celebrated Mass for the intentions of our community, asking God to allow us to continue to be beacons of hope for those we serve. Our greatest need is vocations - many young women to join us to help us bring hope to others. The world is in great need of hope. (For another reflection click on:

Lord Jesus, you who are seated now at the right hand of the Father, pray for us; pour out your Holy Spirit upon each one of us and strengthen in our hearts the gift of supernatural hope.

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