Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let us pray for the suffering

As I sit here at my computer it is raining. It seems as if has been raining for weeks and weeks. Yesterday I was really feeling grumpy about the weather and I wasn't even feeling sorry about that! But then I went on to the internet to check the news and I saw it - news of the terrible tragedy in Joplin, MO. The photos from Joplin stunned me! I tried to put myself in the place of the people there and to do that was unimaginable.

God, please forgive me for being grumpy about the rain here in the East Coast. Thank you for the house I live in, the roof over my head, the Sisters I live with. The floods in the South, the people suffering around the world, especially those who are being persecuted for their belief in Jesus - Lord, I repent for my ungrateful heart. For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy upon us and on the whole world.

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Janel said...

I think even the good Lord knows we can get grumpy from time to time :). I feel so sorry for everyone affected by the tornado. God bless you Sister!
Janel in NJ