Friday, January 13, 2012

A very courageous act

Have your emotions sometimes made you feel like "going through the roof"?! Today's Gospel is about such an event (see Mark 2:12) It is one of my favorite examples of Jesus' great love and wisdom. As you read the story you see how four "friends" were determined to bring their friend to Jesus so He could heal him. The crowds around the house where Jesus was teaching were so thick they couldn't get through. They climbed on to the roof, carring their paralyzed friend on his mat and when they reached the top they began peeling off the tiles above the spot where Jesus was seated. Slowly, with ropes, they lowered the man down through the hole and laid him at the feet of Jesus. What a feat! You know the rest of the story.

As I prayed with this passage this morning I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what God wanted me to know about the story. Some thoughts: the men loved their friend enough to go to great lengths to have him healed. They had great faith in Jesus and truly believed he would heal the paralytic. They had boldness and courage to place their petition before the Lord. As far as we know they chose to let Jesus handle the situation in His own way and He did - first of all teaching everyone about the power of His forgiveness. Before he healed the man He forgave Him his sins.

How do I petition the Lord.? Do I have faith in His love and mercy? Believing that He loves me, do I have he boldness and courage to ask Him for great things? Am I willing to go to great lengths in my prayer. Am I willing to take time to pray? Do I let it up to Jesus to answer the prayer in His own way or do I outline for Him the way I want my prayers to be answered? These were all the questions that I asked myself as I prayed through the passage. Why don't you try it yourself! See what Jesus wants to say to YOU!

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