Friday, February 24, 2012

Make a note!

I was reading through some of my notes today and I came acrosss these brief notations from a book I was recently reading. However, I failed to note the name of the book! So much for my note taking! However, these thoughts are precious and I thank the Lord for bringing them back to my attention.
  1. Prayer is so necessary. That's why our Lord had to tell us so insistently to pray and pray always!
  2. His invitation is "Come to me; without me you can do nothing."
  3. Prayer is the soul's response to that invitation. The soul comes; it makes known its wretchedness; it pleads for help, for light, for the mind and strength, for the will. It asks for grace to bring its passions under control, and to submit the will to God who is order and peace.
  4. God says to the soul: "I am and always will be a Father (to you). I love you and await your coming. Come"! And the soul replies, "My God, I can do no more. Come to me".
  5. Holy Scripture never tires of telling us that God knows perfectly well what is good for us. We cannot do better, therefore, than to leave all to Him.

I hope you can find a good spiritual book for your Lenten Reading. The latest issue of "Our Sunday Visitor" has a whole bunch of suggestions. Books by Pope Benedict XVI, although a little difficult to read, are treasures. I just ordered Father Robert Baron's new book, "Catholicism" from our local library. You might want to give that a try! May you be spiritually nourished and inspired.

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