Friday, September 14, 2012

He reigns!

What a glorious feast today is – the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.  The cross, a cruel instrument of torture and death is, for Christians, a sign, an assurance, a statement, that we are infinitely loved by the One who is Love.  The antiphons for Morning Prayer today proclaim the message:

“To destroy the power of hell Christ died upon the cross; clothed in strength and glory, he triumphed over death.”  And, “How radiant is that precious cross which brought us our salvation.  In the cross we are victorious, through the Cross we shall reign, by the cross all evil is destroyed."  Another: “we worship your cross, O Lord, and we praise and glorify your holy resurrection, for the wood of the cross has brought joy to the world.” 
I have a little publication called Living Faith; Daily Catholic Devotions published by Creative Communications for the Parish. (see  The reflection today was written by Mary Marrocco who says in part, “He (God) sent the Israelites a strange gift by way of healing: a bronze serpent. (Numbers 21:4-9)  For humanity’s healing, he sends an even stranger gift: Christ’s cross.”  She continues: “We exalt the cross today not to worship suffering, but to kiss the lips of Christ whose love for us gives us life. That’s why his name is above every other name.” 
We have a crucifix in every room in our convent.  We wear the Cross of Christ on a chain as part of our religious habit.    Do you have a crucifix in your home?  Let us begin each day, each important action, with the Sign of the Cross.  Many in our culture today are trying to remove the Cross  - from classrooms, hospital rooms, etc.  Why?  Because everyone knows that the Cross represents no one else but our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and seeing the Cross - seeing Him - convicts our society of its sin. 

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