Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

I am sure we all like a party! Well the Sisters are no exception. Last evening one of our convents had a party to celebrate the anniversary of Sister Barbara’s Baptism! Does that strike you as strange? Well, it’s a wonderful reason for a celebration. You might like to try it!

Sister Barbara

Our community does celebrate the birthday of each Sister with a special dessert and with special prayers for the family of each Sister. But we REALLY celebrate our Baptism anniversary because that is the day we entered into the life of grace and became a child of God! We get to choose the menu for dinner and we receive a gift of our choice.

At dinner the Sister celebrant is encouraged by the other Sisters who honor her for the various gifts and graces they see at work in her. It is a very humbling but encouraging experience!

The most important part of the celebration is when the Sister renews, in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament, the promises that were made by her Godparents at her Baptism. That act is so special that the Church confers a plenary indulgence on her if all the conditions, such as Mass and Confession, are also met.

Today is the anniversary of my natural sister’s Baptism. I remember because I am her Godmother! Do you know the date of your Baptism? Are you Godparents? Perhaps you could do a little research to discover the date of your own Baptism or those of your loved ones. Get a copy of the Promises made at Baptism and with loved ones around you, make those promises again. And what’s more, you can renew them every year! So, to all of you - Happy Anniversary!

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Jestine said...

Sr. Judith that is totally awesome, I love the idea of celebrating the day of your baptism!