Monday, October 1, 2007


While I am still typing with my left hand, I thought today would be a wonderful day to resume writing in our community blog. The reason is that it is the feast day of one of our very special community friends - St. Therese of Lisieux, known affectionately in the Church as the Little Flower. During my years in the Novitiate I read many books on the spirituality of St. Therese. I fell in love with her and consider her my spiritual sister. Her "little way" is not cute or trite as the term might suggest. This little flower is a spiritual giant who has touched the hearts of millions of believers, and if you don't know her, I encourage you to discover the treasure that she is. Once you do, your spiritual life will never be the same.

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the little flower said...

Sr. Judith, I am so excited that you posted about St. Therese. I love St. Therese, a priest told me about her almost a year ago, and she has become one of my favorite saints. In class we are doing a countdown to all Saints Day and so we focus on one saint each day and today we talked about St. Therese. The children really enjoyed learning about her.