Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Are you ready?

Tomorrow is the big day – Ash Wednesday – the beginning of the Lenten season.  I have read a number of articles about  giving up things for Lent.   How about giving in?!  Some of us face Lent with a groan – others with an “OK, I can do this!”  But can we?  Can we go into Lent, gritting our teeth, telling ourselves that we are going to give up chocolate chip cookies (that’s me) or coffee and then feeling dejected on the following Sunday when we give in! 

Lent is a time to give in – to give in to the Lord and to His plan for us this Lent.  He does have a plan you know!   He says, “Mary, I know where you are most weak, I know where you need to grow, I know what you need to give up.  How about giving up your impatience, or your high expectations of others, or your critical heart, or your grouchiness?”  Tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, as we receive the cross of ashes on our forehead, take the time to turn to the Lord and, in prayer ask Him what He wants you to do for Lent.  I  wager that He will bring to mind those areas of your life that He wants you to look at.  And you know, He will be there looking at those areas with you and pouring out His grace! 
Getting to Mass more than once a week, finding time to turn to Our Blessed Mother to pray the Rosary for others, going to Confession so you can make a fresh start, taking time for spiritual reading so you can nourish your heart and soul with God’s wonderful word – all these are positive steps to take to make a good Lent.  So let's begin!  Lent really is a season of grace - Gods gift of time so that we can stop and take stock of where we are going.  We are on our way to Heaven so let's make sure we get all the stones in the road out of the way.  May we together have a blessed Lent.   

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