Monday, March 10, 2014

Let's be honest!

Here is a delightful Lenten story.  One of our Sisters was giving a brief talk to a parish homebound group which meets two times a month for lunch, crafts and a talk.  Our Sister was sharing with them about the need to go to Confession.  A lot of elderly people have lived long lives and really don’t think they have any sins to confess after so many years.  Our Sister was gently suggesting some sins that could be told in Confession and when she mentioned “holding on to my own opinion” the group broke out in applause! At this point Father came into the room and announced that he would be hearing confessions.  A number of people in the group raised their hands and said, “Father I want to go”!  

Sometimes we need to have someone else point out our sin to us. When that happens do we applaud?!  Probably not.  Saint Catherine of Siena was a great proponent of having self-knowledge and she knew that sometimes someone else who loves us needs to gently show us where we need to change.   When that happens consider it a great grace from the Lord.  It happens to me often!  

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